Equi-Tape® Australia Team

Rebecca Haddock - Vice Pres.  Equi-Tape Inc. - Owner Equi-Tape Australia Pty Ltd. - Owner SS Tape & Rehab

Rebecca created SS Tape and Rehab after years of working in the equine industry. She started at a young age taking lessons and learning everything she could about horses. Over the years she has competed in multiple disciplines including barrels, poles, western pleasure, reining, and dressage. She has had the opportunity to work under many great trainers as well. 10 years ago, she decided to walk down the road of starting horses and that started the journey that lead to SS Tape and Rehab. While starting horses she was often brought in to “fix” behavioural problems, she found most behavioural problems were actually pain. She spent years learning how to rehab horses and relieve their pain. That’s when she found kinesiology. Using kinesiology tape and all the knowledge she has gained over her ten years she has created an exciting business whose sole purpose it to heal the horse and support the equine athlete to compete at he or she’s optimal level. 



Nev Barrass - Owner Thredbo Valley Horse riding, Equi-Tape® Australia Pty Ltd.

 Nev grew up a true country kid. Born in Roma in the western Darling Downs area of South West Queensland, Nev and his family came south and moved around over the years to live on several farms around rural NSW. Nev got to experience and develop a love for both life on the land and a passion for horses. At the age of 12 he was given his first horse and has been in the saddle ever since! Nev's interests in all things equine increased in 2000 when he enrolled at Yanco Agricultural High School where his horizons were broadened through exposure to the many different aspects of the equine industry.

During Nev’s time at Yanco, he was given a fantastic opportunity to come and work in the Snowy Mountains for Thredbo Valley Horse Riding. Nev met some amazing and influential people, rode some spectacular country and worked with many different breeds of horses. From that early experience, Nev discovered an enthusiasm for the tourism industry.

From that time on, the Snowy Mountains was in Nev's blood. Nev travelled to the Snowy Mountains at every opportunity to work with these impressive horses and lovely people and share in the stories of pioneering days from the people who the poems and legends were written about.

Nev moved to the stunning Snowy Mountains in 2003 to work full time for Thredbo Valley Horse Riding and in 2007, he jumped at the opportunity to buy the business.  

In 2011 Nev met Linda who is the love of his life (other than his mob of horses!) They married in 2017 and have never looked back! They are the happiest they’ve ever been in both work and love. Teamwork, love and compassion for the horses and the land is something special. 

Linda Barrass - Owner Thredbo Valley Horse riding, Equi-Tape® Australia Pty Ltd.


Linda hails from the magical Blue Mountains of Australia. She has always had a love for animals of all kind. She is a professional in her field in Microbiology at NSW Department of Primary Industries. Nev and Linda met through friends who were station hands on a huge property in far North Queensland. It didn’t take long before it became obvious Linda must be with Nev in his beloved Snowy Mountains, and so in 2012 she made the move to Jindabyne. Her horsemanship and training abilities are a testimony to the compassion she has for horses. Linda’s love for their horses and all their animals is exemplary and her work ethic is absolutely inspirational.